Why our brand refresh is all about you


At SenateSHJ we like to help our clients think about a problem from every angle – call it walking the circle.

We’ve been walking these circles with clients for 16 years now, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of change.  

Many of our clients are striving to be more transparent, more responsive and more connected – both inside and out. 

As part of that shift, we’ve also seen an increasing overlap in communication, and other functions. Public relations, corporate communication, marketing, advertising, internal communication, change, everyone is dancing together – and sometimes stepping on each other’s toes. And despite the odd bruise, the result of this is often better, more effective outcomes. 

Better outcomes is what we are all about.

So as our clients’ needs have changed, so have we. We’re still firmly planted in our roots with reputation at our core, but with a few new layers to make room for the company we have become.

We walk the circle now with extra skills; data analysis and insight, user experience design, visual communication, technical nous, social smarts and change management.

Over time, these changes have had an impact. We noticed that our clients were seeing us differently, and seeking us out for more. And indeed we were seeing ourselves differently too.

So thanks to you, our clients, we revisited our story, and found there was more to tell.

We talked with clients past and present. We found that you come to us for our clear, calm thinking, our fresh perspective, and because you know we care. We looked internally, and were reminded of how our shared values give us strength of purpose.

You can see this shift in perspective reflected here, on our updated website.

We hope you think it suits us – after all, you inspired the change.

Best wishes,

The SenateSHJ team